Life …

I found myself lost on the internet for about half of my day.  Today’s life moment was a bit emotional for me and I was hoping to find some insight somewhere on the internet that could give me some kind of hope.  I found nothing.

After searching and searching I found myself tossing the idea back and forth about “maybe it’s time to start a blog”.  Now, mind you, I’ve tossed this idea around more times than I can recall, there’s just something so personal and deep about sharing some of life’s most intimate, painful, happy, sad, frustrating (and all the in between) moments.

Well, jinkies!  I suppose that’s why I wasn’t able to find much about what I was looking for.  These are the moment’s nobody really wants to share.  They’re dealt with in silence.  They’re swept under the emotional rug of life and remain unsifted through when dealing with the small inconveniences of life, never the deep emotional wounds though.  We like to save those for the real self-emotional torture.  I’m naturally an introverted person, so dealing with life in solitude is one of my superpowers, next to sarcasm.  Dealing with life can be a very random thing sometimes over wine, sometimes over coffee, and sometimes it hits me when I’m trying to straighten my hair at 7am on a Monday morning.  You just never know, silly life.

Life needs to be dealt with and felt through.  Not just the happy but the sad, the painful, the neglectful, the strong, the weak… all of it.  We are reminded so often to be happy and grateful, that we feel guilty if we don’t always feel those things.  We feel like maybe we miscounted some blessings and we start talking ourselves out of the painful things we carry.  We figure if we count the positives high enough, the negatives will eventually cancel themselves out.  Usually, they do, sometimes they don’t and both are ok.

This is a blog about my life.  I hope you enjoy the ride.

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