Here we go again …

So, I’m back to sort of randomly ramble through some thoughts again.

Cycle two for our IVF journey will start soon, I actually start my meds on January the 6th.  So, that should be fun.

I started my period on time, this time!  (Funny how the most random things are such major victories.)  But yes, I was on a full cycle of the birth control pills this time (after the last failed cycle due to starting my period while stimming).  I wasn’t supposed to stop my birth control pills until today actually but when I met with my Dr. a little before they ordered my meds for this cycle, he said he wanted me to stop them sooner than my calendar showed.  We just weren’t really sure how my body would react and whether or not it would be hard headed again.  So far, seems like I am on the right track.  I’m not sure I even know what “the right track” is.  So, I guess on paper, things look good.

Well, since I pretty much went a full cycle last time “stimming” (using the stimulating meds).  That pretty much went to waste.  Just received my new meds in the mail and besides the ginormous box, the ginormous cost again was a WHOA moment.

Sad, how a lot of insurances don’t offer that type of coverage.  You don’t realize how short-changed some things really are until you need/want them.

The beauty of our health care system *in the most sarcastic tone I could muster up*.

I’m also fighting a weird head cold with the most frustrating dry cough of my life.

These are the fun time’s people, and if you’re here for the ride with me, I appreciate’cha!20190103_154710


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